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TV Stars You Should Be Following on Twitter

twitterIt seems like everyone is buzzing about Twitter these days. For those not in the know, Twitter is a social networking and micro-blogging service that lets users send and read other users’ updates known as tweets. Prompted by the question “what are you doing?” users can share their thoughts, news, and updates with their ‘followers’ in 140 characters or less. Twitter isn’t just for the average Joe, several TV stars are tweeting too, here’s a list of who you should be following if you aren’t already.

Ryan Seacrest
Twitter url:
Sample Tweet: “talked to jason segel today…he doesnt rock uggs in real life, but he does drive a vespa.”
Why You Should Follow: Ryan doesn’t just host American Idol, he also hosts a radio show, a show on E!, and is always mingling with the famous and tweets about it all. Not to mention, he posts links, pics, and video constantly so you can stumble across some pretty interesting stuff.

Greg Grunberg
Twitter url:
Sample Tweets:Next week on #Heroes Parkman goes ballistic! Pretty. Great. Episode.”
Why You Should Follow: For Heroes fans, Greg’s Tweets are a must because he often sends  updates from the set, which sometimes include juicy spoilers!

Rainn Wilson
Twitter url:
Sample Tweets: “Made this up today- ‘Prace’. Def: A race between Priuses. (Prii? Priusi?)”
Why You Should Follow: He’s just funny, tweets fans back, he’s on The Office, what else do you need?

Jimmy Fallon
Twitter url:
Sample Tweets: “Chipped my front tooth. Just got it laser bonded. I can now bite through steel. (only with the one tooth)”
Why You Should Follow: Jimmy Fallon’s tweets make you feel like you’re working in studio 6B too. He’s constantly updating about what’s happening throughout the day. He also sends tips for fans about how to get tickets and what’s coming up on his show.

Tina Fey
Twitter url:
Sample Tweet: “Amos probably didn’t start out Famous, but with cookies this good, it was a self-fulfilling prophecy.”
Why You Should Follow: Though the star of 30 Rock doesn’t tweet as much as some other celebs, but when she does tweet, they are always golden nuggets of comedy. Who else would ask if “Eggrolls are just Chinese Hotpockets?”

Jim Gaffigan
Twitter url:
Sample Tweet: “craving anything served in a bread bowl. I like to eat things that you serve food in”
Why You Should Follow: The star of My Boys gives updates on appearances, his live stand up, and random thoughts.

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