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30 Rock Recap: The Bubble

30rock1In a particularly hilarious episode, a recent episode of 30 Rock examined the concept of “the bubble.” The bubble being where attractive people live. You know, getting free dessert when you’re out to eat or getting off with a warning from the cop who otherwise would have gone out of his way to be a pain in the ass.

As it turns out, Liz ends up dating someone who lives in the bubble, her upstairs neighbor. He’s a doctor who apparently has no idea how to help a choking person other than shake them. When he plays tennis, everyone tells him that he is awesome despite the fact that his actual play is terrible. As you might have guessed this continues to steam roll, with him being terrible in bed as well but Liz isn’t able to reveal the truth.

After enough of this display though, Liz has had enough. She starts forcing him to do things outside the bubble, like ordering off the menu when they go out to eat and waiting in line (where as usually people let him butt in front). He likes being in the bubble though (as most people would!) and they end up breaking up.

Throughout these going-ons, there’s also a sub storyline where Jack is trying to get Tracy to renew his contract. Tracy apparently invested in some company that dismantles bank signs, so he’s able to retire now. Jack pulls a number of stunts, such as bringing in a coworker to impersonate Bill Cosby (unfortunately Tracy isn’t as big of a fan as he had thought). He eventually meets up with Travy’ kids who are tired of dealing with their dad day in and day out. After plenty of  deliberation and pulling strings, Jack manages to bring Tracy back in.

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